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Micro LED

Inspection system

Contactless and non-disruptive inspection technology of WEVE provides highly accurate and rapid analysis of wafers of all types. 

  • Spectral Information 
    High volume spectrum data analysis.

  • High-speed measurement
    200,000+ spectrum data points per second.

  • High resolution
    World class level of accuracy.

  • Simultaneous PL and Appearance Inspection
    Outstanding efficiency in one scan.

WEVE technology speeds up scanning process 3000 times compared to the conventional inspection methods, which seriously reduces processing time and increases overall cost effectiveness.

With only one measurement Appearance, PL and Luminous Intensity data of Micro LED can be obtained.


General Specifications 

Spectral Mapper

Industry leading inspection speed.

Due to the growing demand of Micro LEDs in display manufacturing, sophisticated inspection techniques are needed. Outdated PL mapper technology cannot keep up with an increased number of Micro LED die. With our technology spectrum of 20,000 points can be measured in one second.

High-speed measurement performance.

High-speed Spectrum

Imaging Technology.

Analysis of Spectral Data.

Wafer’s high-definition spectrum imaging data guarantees improvements in data analysis of Micro LED’s color expression.

  • - Peak wavelength 
  • - Full width at half maximum  
  • - XY of color chromaticity

Mapping Spectrum Imaging.


Micro LED Solution 

R&D History.

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